‚ÄčAre you wondering for a spiritual excitement and a nirvana place to exhale your worst past and inhale your best future. Here, you are at the right place at the right moment. 
Ayushmathi yoga and Ayurvedic associates located in Idukki, Kerala is a well established and renowned organisation assures you with most beautiful landscapes, mountains and spiritual ambience with professional yogis. We are committed to provide our guests with memorable journeys inspired by traditional culture and ancient techniques in the art of yoga.
You walk in the footsteps of a true yogi as we teach you the ancient style of hatha yoga and it's benefits for weight loss and revitalise your body and mind by ayurvedic therapy of panchakarma.
For us no matter which kind of person you are before entering our divine Ayushmathi, after Ayushmathi you would be the one who rests in inner happiness, the inner space immersed in the inner light that yogi attains the highest here and here after.
So what are you waiting for, seclude yourselves away from the worldly pleasures and immerse into the tranquility of Ayushmathi.
Your journey ends here. And your journey to self begins here, at Ayushmathi.